Mission & Principles

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Mission & Principles

Mission & Principles

At SIE, our mission is to prepare our students to be globally minded with a full and balanced education. We foster a global mindset in our curriculum by adopting common core standars and immersive English learning, encouraging multi-language fluency, and incorporation Korean culture into learning activities. We aim to help our students grow and mature physically, artistically, mentally, and spiritually in a holistic manner by providing opportunities and challenges to promote well-rounded learning experience.

The Four C’s

SIE offers a well-rounded 21st century education. Like many other education institutions, Reading and Numeracy skills are first and foremost, as these are the basic skills that prepare students for scholastic success and preparation for college. What separates SIE from other education institutions is an added focus on the Four C’s of learning, listed below. These prepare students for success in virtual any field and will benefit students throughout life inside and outside the classroom.

  • Critical thinking Critical thinking

    We want our students to make logical and well-reasoned judgments, without simply accepting the arguments and conclusions they have been given. With an open mind, high education institution students need to analyze and interpret information, and use logical reasoning to come to conclusions in the classroom and beyond.

  • Communication Communication

    SIE expects students to be superb communicators, focusing on the following domains: interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, written communication, and oral communication. Strong communication skills are central to all academic and professional endeavors, which is why we make it a central pillar of SIE’s academic program.

  • Collaboration Collaboration

    We want our students to be leaders and understand the importance of teamwork. Students should be active members of the community. As a group, they should work together on a common goal, with each member playing an integral and important part in the activity. This is an essential skill to success in life.

  • Creativity Creativity

    SIE endeavors to create an environment which is conducive to creativity. SIE is a place where students may properly express their talents and develop skills in the arts and music. Teachers of all subjects are encouraged to use both divergent and convergent thinking skills, so that students can use different ways to solve problems.



    To be helpful and considerate while showing kindness and compassion.


    To understand and broaden cultural and individual perspective as well as embracing one’s indentity.


    To take ownership for actions and strive to be self-motivated and directd individuals.


    To recognize differences and embrace uniqueness in the world around us.

Expected Classwide Learning Results

  • Scholars

    Build on acquired knowledge across the curriculum

    Master the academic and participatory skills necessary for success

    Explore real world connections to the curriculum

  • Creative and Critical Thinkers

    Apply higher-order thinking skills to address issues across the curriculum

    Develop models to aid in understanding complex problems

    Evaluate the validity and credibility of claims, data and sources

  • Effective Communications

    Listen actively, read analytically, speak and write clearly and condently

    Use digital, print, and artistic media prociently and with integrity

    Interact with social media responsibly and constructively

  • Self-Directed Learners

    Establish priorities and use time eciently

    Advocate for their educational experience and success

    Practice habits of positive mental, physical, and social health

    Act with honesty and integrity

  • Positive and Prodective Citizens

    Contribute time energy, and talent to improve the quality of life locally and globally

    Help promote an equitable and just society

    Engage respectfully and civilly with people of varying backgrounds and perspectives

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