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  • Zach Ciano
  • Zach Ciano
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bachelor of Arts
    - Economics
    - International Education Development
    K-6 Elementary Education Teaching License
    K-12 Teaching License
    Ten Years Experience as Educator and Administrator
    Headmaster of International School in Songdo
    Academic Director of Saint Paul American School System in Asia
    Accreditation Site Visit Team Member for Ai, NCPSA, MSA, Cognia


  • Alicia Lee
  • Alicia Lee
    B.A. in International Studies (DIS), Ewha Womans University
    B.A. in Psychology, Ewha Womans University
    Resident of Texas, USA
    10 years of teaching experience
    3 years of management experience in education and curriculum development

MHS Guidance Counselor

  • David Chin
  • David Chin
    M.A, Teaching, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 2016
    B.A, Mathematics, New York University, New York, NY 2002
    경기외고 IBDP Guidance Counselor, 유학 컨설팅, AP/ APEX Coordinator
  • Thomas Thomson
    Thomas Thomson
    Dean of ES / PE

    University of Abertay :
    Health & Sports Studies
    Teaching Experience : 17 years

  • Brian Witthuhn
    Brian Witthuhn
    Dean of MHS / History MHS

    University of Missouri :
    Master of Education
    Teaching Experience : 13 years

  • Christina Maclsaac
    Christina Maclsaac
    G1A HR

    Nipissing University :
    Bachelor of Education,
    Junior- Intermediate History
    Teaching Experience : 9 years

  • Caitlin Hitchcock
    Caitlin Hitchcock
    G1B HR

    Korea University :
    Linguistics and International Relations
    Teaching Experience : 4 years

  • Annie Kim (Kim Yae In)
    Annie Kim
    G2A HR

    Calvin University, MI, USA :
    Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary
    Education with Mathematics
    and Chinese minors
    Chinese Linguistics (B.A)
    Teaching Experience : 3 years

  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson
    G2B HR

    Upper Iowa University :
    Teaching Experience : 11 years

  • Hayley Jo
    Hayley Jo
    G2C HR

    Northwest University :
    B.A. Elementary Education
    Torch Trinity University :
    Masters of Education
    Teaching Experience : 9 years

  • Calida Osti
    Calida Osti
    G3A HR

    Lindenwood University :
    Master of Fine Arts in writing
    Georgia Southern University :
    Bachelor of Arts in English
    Teaching Experience : 9 years

  • Adrienne Lim
    Adrienne Lim
    G3B HR

    Syracuse University :
    B.A Writing and Rhetoric
    Teaching Experience : 8 years

  • Jared Budgell
    Jared Budgell
    G3C HR

    University of Ottawa :
    Teaching Experience : 6 years

  • Mark Thomspon
    Mark Thomspon
    G4 HR

    The University of Arizona:Spanish w
    Portuguese emphasis
    Political Science
    Teaching Experience : 9 years

  • Michelle Rosinski
    Michelle Rosinski
    G5A HR

    Concordia University :
    Bachelor of Arts in History
    Minor: Law & Society
    Teaching Experience : 5 years

  • Sun Lee
    Sun Lee
    G5B HR

    University of Washington :
    Childhood Education
    Western Governers :
    M.A. Learning and Technology
    Teaching Experience : 10 years

  • Hazel Vinuluan
    Hazel Vinuluan

    Far Eastern University -college
    UNIVERSITY OF South Wales :
    M.A. in Special Education
    Teaching Experience : 16 years

  • Philip II Lehman
    Philip II Lehman

    Central Washington University :
    English Language and Literature
    Teaching Experience : 14 years

  • Timothy Robert Dilling
    Timothy Robert Dilling

    Loyola University Chicago :
    Teaching Experience : 7 years

  • Lilly Choi
    Lilly Choi

    Sungkyunkwan University :
    English Language and Literature
    Teaching Experience : 5 years

  • David Paul Kim
    David Paul Kim
    Math MHS

    Yonsei University :
    Graduate School of International Studies,
    M.A. in International Cooperation,
    Bowling Green State University :
    B.A. in International Studies
    Teaching Experience : 15 years

  • Suran Lee
    Suran Lee
    Math MHS

    B.Ed. in Intermediate/Senior Math and Science,
    International Education Specialty,
    Western University, Canada
    H.B.S. in Integrative Biology and Psychology,
    University of Toronto, Canada
    Teaching Experience : 11 years

  • Michael Molstad
    Michael Molstad
    Science MHS

    B.S. in Cellular Biology, UW-Oshkosh,
    M.S. in Molecular Virology,
    Case Western Reserve University,
    M.S. in Computer Science,
    Cleveland State University,
    Teaching Experience : 7 years

  • Allison Hu
    Allison Hu
    Science MHS

    University of Denver :
    M.A. in Science Education Biology
    Teaching Experience : 13 years

  • Matthew Turner
    Matthew Turner
    Social Studies MHS

    University of British Columbia :
    Master of Education,
    ALGC, Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology
    Teaching Experience : 16 years

  • Laura Valentin
    Laura Valentin

    University of South Florida :
    B.S. in Psychology,
    Argosy University :
    School counselor, Pre-3rd grade, ESOL,
    TEFL, Spanish KG-12th grade certified.
    Teaching Experience : 9 years

  • Han Ying
    Han Ying

    Korea University :
    Modern Chinese Grammar
    Teaching Experience : 13 years

  • Lin Jiandong
    Lin Jiandong

    Boda College of Jilin Normal University :
    B.A. in Teach Chinese as a foreign language
    Teaching Experience : 5 years

  • Feifei Shen
    Feifei Shen

    Jilin Normal University :
    B.A. English
    Jilin University :
    M.A. in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
    Teaching Experience : 6 years

  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee
    Art ES

    Sookmyung Women’s University :
    M.A. in Fine Arts
    Teaching Experience : 12 years

  • John Shrader
    John Shrader
    Art MHS

    Augustana College :
    Fine Art and Philosophy
    Teaching Experience : 12 years

  • Yena Kwon
    Yena Kwon

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign :
    B.A. in Instrumental Performance (Violin)
    Teaching Experience : 10 years

  • Seoyun Baek
    Seoyun Baek
    Music ES

    Eastman School of Music :
    Piano Performance Major
    Teaching Experience : 6 years

  • William Harrison Dempsey
    William Harrison Dempsey

    West Virginia University :
    Sport Psychology
    Teaching Experience : 5 years

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee
    IT ES

    College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI :
    B.A. in Automotive Design
    Teaching Experience : 7 years

  • Boburjon Abdukhamidov
    Boburjon Abdukhamidov
    IT MHS

    State University of New York - Stony Brook :
    M.A. in Technological Systems Management
    Teaching Experience : 3 years

  • Lisa Baek
    Lisa Baek

    M/H Coordinator

  • Jee Park
    Jee Park

    ES Coordinator

  • Hanna Lee
    Hanna Lee

    Admission Manager

  • Dave Cho
    Dave Cho

    General Affairs Manager

  • Joy Choi
    Joy Choi

    Finance Manager



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