How to Apply

Rolling Admissions

Rolling admission is allowed before every semester. Students considering rolling admission are encouraged to apply one semester before their preferred commencement date.

2018  Spring Semester Admission Information

  • Admission limit of 20 students per grade
  • Decision date: Rolling Admission
  • All decisions will be announced after the English Interview

Admission Process

Step 1: Fill Out and Submit Application Form

Prospective students and their parents should fill out and submit an application form. We ensure that all information received will be used for admissions purposes and will not be released to any third parties.

Step 2: Interview and Entrance Exam

Students who pass our application review process will be invited for an interview and to take an entrance exam. Potential students will be notified individually by the admissions office regarding the interview/exam date. Interview will be held by our Headmaster. The entrance exam consists of math and English.

Step 3: Admission Decision

Students who go through the interview and the entrance exam will be notified individually. Accepted student will receive further instructions on the remaining admission process and school policies.

Required Documents

  • Official transcript
  • Application form
  • 2 Passport photographs
  • Copies of student and parent passports
  • Standardized test scores (Optional)